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Hiding MicroStrategy Elements on Page with CSS

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

About the time I started working with MicroStrategy, I came across Bryans BI Blog ( After reading a few of his posts I realized that with a bit of knowledge I could not only implement outside of the box features in MicroStrategy but his posts illustrated that it wasn't all that hard.

One of his posts discussed how to use jQuery to hide elements on a MicroStrategy document. I used this method of hiding elements in documents prior to version 10.x. Using jQuery for this type of implementation wasn't feasible for my implementation anymore because interactive mode was deprecated and presentation mode became the de facto document rendering method.

Luckily, hiding elements doesn't have to be jQuery. We can use CSS to format and hide objects in presentation mode similar to how Bryan illustrated. In my example below I'll selectively hide the "export" option in the selection menu

First, I need to identify the class of the object I'd like to hide. I can do this by opening the developer tools once the document has rendered, inspect the element and get the class

Finding the element class

Now that I have the class, I'll add in an HTML container, set the container to HTML Text, and place the code below within the container. Something to note, any spaces in the class can be replaced with a period.

<style>.item.export {visibility:hidden;}</style>

The CSS Modification added to the HTML Container

Now render the document and voila! The export option is gone.

No Export Option!


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