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MicroStrategy World 2021 On Demand & My Recommendations

Wow! In case you don't already know, the MicroStrategy World 2021 (WORLD.NOW) sessions are all available on demand right now. There are many good sessions. If you're like me and didn't get to attend all of the sessions you wanted, this is a great way to catch up. All of the session can be found here World 2021 On-Demand

I have not had an opportunity to watch them all but I've listed a few that I enjoyed.

I really enjoyed this session. I'm a big fan of what MicroStrategy is doing to extend the MSTRio python functionality. I have been working on varied MSTRio projects over the last few months and all have turned out great! I most enjoyed the Q&A portion of this session. Robert and Anirdh speak very elegantly about the product.

I really enjoyed this session as well! Often times I have seen user experience and ease-of-use is an afterthought in analytics. I tend to lean into the "what would a user do?" mentality when building dossiers. Amy presents the new "ease of use" changes so fluidly it feels as if these features have (or should have!) been there the entire time. A must watch.

Hyperintelligence is such a versatile product. The beauty is that it is embedded in the day to day processes without needing a tech-savvy user to derive insights. I especially enjoyed the Q&A session at the end. If you watch this session, you'll see that Antione addresses some of my questions during the Q&A. I'm even thinking about subscribing to the Hyper.Now product so that I can add HyperCards to my blog.

As I understand it, these videos will be around for a limited time so watch what you can while you can 😁


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