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Change What's in DSSError.log - MicroStrategy

If you've had to trouble a problem with your MicroStrategy installation or ever worked with the support team they will ask for the dsserror.log information. It's the lifeline for troubleshooting issues. The dsserror.log can also be customized to log more or less details based on environments needs.

So, how do you change what is logged in the DSSError.log? There are a couple of ways to get to the diagnostics tool, but I like to enable access via developer to make it easier an keep me within my daily workflow.

Open your developer and select tools ➡ preferences. In the developer preferences windows select "Advanced" and "Show Diagnostics Menu Option"

Now when you select the "Tools" menu in developer you'll see a "Diagnostics" options

This will open the Diagnostics and Performance Logging tool.

Now you can customize what you want to appear in your DSSError.log file by selecting or deselecting the desired options.

And that's it!


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