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Advanced Threshold When Metric is not on Grid

One of the features I very often take advantage of is applying threshold to custom format grid columns. Thresholds allow me qualify the formatting based on another metric or value.

A common use case is; if Sales are up make the column green but if sales are down make the column red. This is easy when the current and previous sales are both on the grid. However, when one of the metrics is not on the grid, that threshold options is not available.

There is a workaround. The trick is to add both metrics to your grid first, apply your threshold, then remove the metric from the grid. Let's work through an example.

The screenshot below show both metrics on a grid. When I want to apply a threshold, both metrics are options.

If I remove LYTD from my grid, it is no longer an options to apply as a threhsold.

However, I can add both metrics onto the grid and create the threshold.

Once I'm done, I then remove the LYTD metric from the grid and the threshold is retained.

And that's it.


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