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Ultimate Generic Attribute (for hacking functionality) MicroStrategy

In the past I've posted on how to create a generic attribute which I prefer over the alternative of creating an in memory cube. After creating many generic attributes for various purposes, the list continued to grow for scenario specific functionality hacking. I've listed a few sample based on previous blog posts for reference too.

I now use an alternate method which requires only a single generic attribute. Based on the demand of a specific scenario, I add the values needed on a per instance basis. This gives me more flexibility, requires fewer objects, and doesn't require a schema refresh with each change.

For the Ultimate Generic Attribute I need 3 things.

  1. A Logical Table which returns nothing

  2. An attribute to point at the logical table

  3. A report with SQL injected into the VLDB Settings

First I create a logical table with two columns which return null values. I use two columns so that I may include an ID column and a Description column.

Next I create an attribute based off of my newly created Logical table.

When I run the report, nothing is returned. This is expected because the logical table doesn't return anything! To get my custom values I use the simple SQL Inject method I posted about here - Inject Custom SQL.

For this sample I'll list Group 1 and Group 2.

And that's It!


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