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Test Your SQL, Coding, and Other Skills

How skilled are you in Coding/ SQL? That is a question I recently had to consider for myself. The majority of my background revolves around MS SQL development, Business Intelligence Development and AutoIT scripting.

So how do I, or anyone go about testing proficiency on various platforms? One of my colleagues introduced me to It's a web page which has many sample problems for a typical proficiency assessment during and interview and is mostly language agnostic - meaning you can select which language you prefer. There are even questions which have been asked by some big tech companies like Facebook, Google, or Amazon.

Questions are ranked from Easy, Medium Hard, Organized by type of Question (SQL, Coding, OS, etc), and include stats from other users which have recently completed the questions.

Leetcode Questions

Once you select a sample problem, the details are outlined in the left panel and your code can be input in the right panel. You select which language/platform syntax you'd like to use and start solving!

Sample Question - Easy

To answer questions properly, you typically have to think outside to the specific use case being asked. This is because these questions are designed with a specific resolution in mind for the problem at hand, but once your code is submitted, it will be run through many more use cases to confirm your code is flexible enough to answer them all.

If this you want to test your skills, prep for an interview, or are just curious (like me), checkout


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