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Create Scrollable Visualizations in MicroStrategy

The responsive fit in a MicroStrategy visualizations is great. It fits to the container based on the available screen space. In some cases though, you may want to make your visualization scrollable so that the information isn't so compacted. Don't worry, you can also set the size of the elements in a visualization manually.

Let's jump right into it. Watch the video or read the details below.

Didn't watch the video? Okay, let's step through it.

Before making any changes, notice the bar chart visualization below is very compacted.

Let's select the visualization and edit the maximum allowed size to 1 instead of the automatic option.

Next adjust the "container fit" to "None" instead of the default "Automatic". You'll notice the size of the bars grow slightly and allows the user the ability to scroll up and down.

If the bar's are still to small for your taste, we can further manually adjust the size. The easiest way to do this is to add a filter to the dossier and filter to a single element. This will allow you to stretch-to-size the visualization.

Once you're done, remove the filter and see your scrollable visualization in action. I like this method because it can be flexibly used as needed and helps to customize the user experience.

And that's it!


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