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User Name in MicroStrategy Reporting - 3 Ways

It's fairly common to want to display the user name for a custom feel to the user experience. Ideally, you would have a Username attribute built into your schema which ties back to the MicroStrategy user. If you don't, dont worry. There are a few ways you can do this in MicroStrategy I'll share with you today.

First let's take a look at my user setup. Notice my "Login" vs my "Full Name". Depending on which method you select, we'll display one of these fields.

1. Dynamic Text

If you're adding a user name, chances are you're doing it in a document. In a document you can use dynamic text to drop the users name into a text box.

Just add the text box and add in {&User}

Now render the report and see that the User's "Full Name" is displayed.

2. A Metric

This method is very simple. You c GBan create a metric defined as Max(?[User Login]){~}.

This is going to take the user log-in and drop it into a Metric. This is very handy if you want to display the user name in a report and not in a document. This method will display the "Login"

3. FFSQL Report

Similair to the use of the metric above, we're going to create a FFSQL (Free Form SQL) report and leverage the ?[User Login] system prompt. Create a FFSQL report by

select the "Create Report" option in developer an select Freeform Source/SQL report.

The SQL will change slight based on your DB platform. I'm on MS SQL so I input

Select ''

Then I place my cursor in between the single quotes and insert the "User Login" system prompt.

Next right click the lower area and define you attribute as I have below

Click OK and run your report to see your Username appear as an attribute.


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