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MicroStrategy Qualifying Attribute Element Selector

I'm very active on the online MicroStrategy community. Recently someone asked how top create a qualifying attribute element selector (at least that's what i'm calling it). The community member gave an example of a data set with Pizza and it's corresponding topping - both attributes. The use case was to have an attribute element selector for the toppings and only display the Pizza's which qualify on all of the selected option.

The solution I came up with requires 3 Elements

  1. A Metric to count all the available/select toppings

  2. A Metric to count the toppings for the individual Pizza

  3. A view filter to marry the two

Counting All the Topping

Here I created a level metric which counts all of the Toppings at the dataset level

Counting Topping on Individual Pizza'a

Here I created a level metric to count the toppings at the pizza level

Marry the two

I can now place a view filter on grid that is "All Pizza Toppings" = "Individual Pizza".

Viola! If you'd like to see this in action watch the video below.


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