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Single Prompt to Swap a Metric Series - MicroStrategy

Object prompts in MicroStrategy are very powerful. They allow users to swap out objects in a report quickly and easily. A good example is where there are a series of metrics like Gross Sales or a series of Net Sales metrics. In the example below I'll show you how to create a single prompt to change a metric series.

The screenshot below shows a report where I have a series of net sales and gross sales.

I want to create a single prompt which will display either net or gross sales metrics. With this in mind, I'll create two dummy objects which will be used for the prompt. I create a Max(1) Metric and name it "Net Sales" and a Max(2) metric and name it Gross Sales (for display in the prompt an to be use later).

Now I have my two metric objects. I need to give the user the ability to select one. I create an object prompt and make the selection required . Make sure to keep track of what you name the object prompt after you save it too!

Now I have a dynamic object prompt, but I need a static object to anchor the answer so I know which metric series to display. No problem, I create a metric which is a max of the object prompt. The tricky part is that you can't create this metric in developer. You'll have to create the metric in web and type out the formula. I name my new metric "Metric Series".

Now I have a single metric named "Metric Series" which is the prompt answer.

With this I can create the metrics I want to display on the report which will dynamically change based on the prompt answer. I use a case statement to define what should be displayed int he metric.

At the beginning we defined Net Sales as Max(1) and Gross Sales as Max(2). I will use these to determine which metric to display on the grid using a case statement. So, if the user select Net Sales in the prompt, which is 1, then display Net Sales else display gross. I'll just add that to a case statement within a metric for both CY and LY.

Now I run my report, answer the prompt, and my metric series is now dynamic!

Have fun!


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