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Make any Visualization Play Motion Animation in MicroStrategy

Yes! I'm working on making any MicroStrategy visualization a play motion animation. Check out the alpha version in the video before jumping into the details below.

The Background

Back in MicroStrategy version 9.x, Visualization Dashboard functionality became much more robust. I was however disappointed that there were no play motion animation visualizations. With that in mind, I decided to dabble in coding a plug-in which uses MicroStrategy components to mimic the play motion. I've had this code on the back burner for a very long time and decided recently to dust it off.

How it Works

The plug-in leverages selectors on the dashboard to Mimic the play motion action. You'll notice in the video above, there is an attribute element selector (on the left). Because I'm using existing selector components, any visualization which responds to a selector can be used in the play motion animation.

Its Current State

It's in an alpha state. The plug-in works, but there are a number of caveats which need to be addressed before it can be released into the wild. Some of the things which I recognize need to be addressed include;

  • Single select vs compounding/running element selections

  • Multi-selector recognition

  • Configurable playback speed

  • Vertical vs horizontal selector orientation recognition

  • Selector type recognition

  • Version Agnostic

  • Chapter/Page Recognition

  • Library Comparability

  • stop/resume/restart animations options

These are some of the stability issues which I'll need to address before moving onto features I'd like to add! I'm working on this in my spare time but hope to make more progress in the near future.

Thanks for checking out this blog post. If you found this post helpful please consider donating via PayPal. Any contribution is appreciated!


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