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Load Dossier directly to Presentation Mode - MicroStrategy

Yes, loading a dossier directly into presentation mode in MicroStrategy web is possible. It is a bit of a work-around but it works well.

You probably already know that if a user has access to author or edit a dossier that the dossier will open in edit mode. The use case is simple; open a dossier in presentation mode, regardless authoring access.

Let's jump right into it. Watch the video below or read the details below.

Didn't watch the video? Okay, let's step through it below.

First, open your Dossier in and pause the data retrieval.

Next add an html container and add the customer code below

$(document).ready(function() {
if (mstrApp.isAppStatePresentation() == false) {
                document.getElementsByClassName("item presentationMode")[0].click()

Now the next time you run your dossier, it will render directly into presentation mode!

The last thing to consider is that the dossier will always open in presentation mode. If you want to edit the dossier, you'll need to "open without data" to edit the dossier.

And that's it!


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