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Format a Single Dossier Column Header Method 2 - MicroStrategy

I previously posted about how to custom format Dossier grid headers using javascript. Not everyone can or wants to apply this type of solution. Luckily there is another workaround that doesn't require adding the custom code.

We can't apply the custom formatting within the Dossier like we can in a report. However, we can apply custom formatting in a report and convert it into a Dossier. This workaround will carry forward the custom column formatting into the Dossier!

Here is my report with custom Column headers.

When I'm ready to put this into a Dossier I can select Tools ➡ Create Dossier.

Now my custom formatting has been carried forward!

The downside is that none of the custom formatting can be modified from within the Dossier. This means that if I want to make a change, I'll need to perform this process again.

And that's it!


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