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Export an Alternate Report into Excel - MicroStrategy

I have often received the question asking how to export an alternate or detail report from within a document or dossier in MicroStrategy. In this use case, the report which is to be exported is not in the document they're interacting with and may come from a different data set altogether.

This is fairly simple to achieve. We'll use the URL API and shorthand for the URL so that is it dynamic across environment (DEV, QA, PROD, etc).

First let's add a standard MicroStrategy button to the document.

Next, let's get the url for the report we want to export from the button. You can do this is WEB by right clicking the report, selecting properties, and copying the link.

Now, remove everything before the "/Main.apsx" and replace it with a period. Also, change the event from 4001 to 3067.

Your URL will look something like this.


Next edit the button to include your URL. Make sure to set this to open in a new window.

Now run your document or dossier, select the button you'll get an excel export of your report!

And that's it!


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