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Did the Enterprise Manager Load Fail?

In the day to day operations, it is sometimes difficult to stop and check on the status of the enterprise manager data. You've got development requirements and business needs to focus on. Still, having the usage data from enterprise manager can be critical.

Troubleshooting the cause of an Enterprise Manager failure is for another day/post. Here I'll share how I stay up to date on the status of my enterprise manager data load.

The process is fairly simple. I have a query I use to find the most recent data loads for both documents and reports pulled from the Enterprise Manager fact tables. Within the query I define a threshold (24 hours in my case) and setup a MicroStrategy subscription using the query.

In my sample code below, if the CompareDate = 1, then there is a problem in the Enterprise Manager load.



, MaxDate


when Maxdate < dateadd(hh,-24,Getdate())



end AS CompareDate


(SELECT 'Document/Dossier' AS Type, Max(EM_Load_TS) AS MaxDate

FROM Is_Doc_Fact with (readuncommitted)

Union All

SELECT 'Report' AS Type, Max(EM_Load_TS) AS MaxDate

FROM Is_REP_Fact with (readuncommitted)) AS a

And that's it! Sometimes, it's best not to over complicate things.


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