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Comma Separated Attribute Elements in MicroStrategy

Many years ago I would inject SQL in my reports Pre/Post VLDB settings to get a comma separated list of my attribute elements. There is a better and much easier method. It's also a bonus that it is dynamic and can be updated using filters directly on the document/dossier.

First let's take a look at the dossier below. It shows Countries by GDP $'s by year.

I want to add a dynamic box at the bottom to display the Counties in a comma separated format (in a grid visualization). To do this I create a a concatagg metric on my country attribute. see my metric definition below.

Now I add this metric to my Dossier to show the comma separated values based on the filter.

And that's it!


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1 Comment

Josh Graham
Josh Graham
Jul 07, 2023

Hey Omar,

Do you have any idea how would you take a field that has comma delimited text in it (with a possible of 20 selections or so) and break them out in a pie chart in microstrategy? For example, if one of the line items in the field were "Apple, Pear, Orange" making the pie chart look at that field and instead of putting on the pie chart that there were 1 "Apple, Pear, Orange" putting that there were 1 Apple, 1 Pear, 1 Orange (Counting them separately)

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