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Can't point a Report to a Cube in MicroStrategy?

Have you ever been unable to point one of your reports to an existing Intelligence Cube in MicroStrategy? In cases where I've encountered this issue, the option is disabled and I usually can't find a good reason for it. It can be super frustrating! But there is hope. I have a solutions which should get you past this and allow you to point your report to an existing Intelligence Cube.

Let's take a look at a new report I've built that I wan't to point to a cube. Notice that when I select the Data > Intelligence Cube Options, the "Point Grid to Intelligence Cube" is disabled

To get around this and enabled the option we're going to add a dummy derived Metric. I know, it sounds silly but it works. Select the Insert > New Metric option.

In the formula editor, enter a dummy of Max(1) and select ok.

Now, let's try to point this report to a cube. Notice that the option is available now! Not sure why this works, but it's a useful trick to have in your back pocket. Make sure to save your report, then remove the dummy derived metric and save again.

And that's it!


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