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Analytics Blog 1 Year Anniversary

It has been just over a year since I started this blog focused on data, analytics, and insights. I continue to appreciate all of the support the community has provided.

Looking back over the past year I wanted to share some of the insights related to range of users that have visited the blog this past year. These stock analytics were pulled from my Google Analytics mobile app.

It blows me away to see that there have been over 65k distinct page view. You can see that because the range of users span over 106 countries, the time of day varies. It's hard to miss that there is consist pattern to the days of the week and time of day pages typically are viewed. The time shown below is my local Pacific timezone.

It also notable that over the course of the last year nearly 8k distinct users visited. These users span over 106 countries!

I'm excited to move into the second year of this blog and hope you all continue to find my posts helpful.


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