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Allow Users to Change Their Password In MicroStrategy Web

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

This is a common question in environment which use standard authentication. It should be easy, but it wasn't. Let's make this simple now 🙂

There are two thing we need to allow users the ability to change and manage their own password. First, the user needs to be set with the permissions to allow the self managed passwords. The permission is set right on the user. Make sure to not check this box to allow the user the right permissions.

Secondly, the user needs to be able to access the "Change My Password" web page without getting into other setting or making things too complex. Yes, there is a direct url event which renders the "Change My Password" page!

To make this easy on the user we're going to create a document and add an HTML container. The container will default to "Iframe" so no settings will need to be changed on it.

Now add the following text to load the right page.


Render the document and the user will now have easy access to change their password.


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