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Add to your data story - Information Windows

One of my favorite MicroStrategy features is the information window. The Information windows is another tool to allow developers the ability to add layers to their data story. Information windows are also great for general navigation and user experience, and work wonders in a mobile environment as well. So what are information windows?

Information Windows

In the simplest terms, and information window is a pop up window that can be triggered nearly anywhere by nearly any object in MicroStrategy. Selectors, Images, Text Boxes, and Grids can all trigger information windows. In a mobile environment an information windows can enhance the user’s navigation experience too. It functions as a new screen layout which can be powerful.

Setting up an information window is simple. First add a panel stack (Insert > Panel Stack)

Add Panel Stack

In the panel stack properties select General > Use as Information window.

Use as info window

After making this selections the panel stack will not render unless it is triggered. In my example, I’ve simple report I've used in a previous post.

Now I’ll add a button to trigger the information window. To target the information window, select the button properties > General > Panel Stack – and select the panel stack you’ve created.

Target the Info Window

Now render the document and click the button to see the information windows in actions.

It's the info window!

This is a simple use case but a powerful tool. Have fun!


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Omar Vidaure
Omar Vidaure
Apr 09, 2019

Nice observation tiwari.vikram

Q1. You can use panel stacks which are not info windows, but you can only use info windows if they are panel stacks.

Q2. My info window is a completely separate RSD (as you pointed out). I used an HTML container to reference a previously created RSD. It's totally possible to use information windows to view other reports via info windows. I used something similar to the the html method in this post referenced below. Hope this helps 👍


Can you only trigger panel stack with 'Info-Window'? Your panel stack looks like a complete new RSD. Is it possible to open up a new document as an Info window by clicking on a button, apart from 'Edit-links' option...

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