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Add Dossier Visualizations in Documents - Method 1

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Something users quickly figure out is that Visualizations that are available in dossiers are not easily accessible in documents. This can be frustrating because documents should look just a slick as dossiers. In this example I'll share one method of how to add a dossier Visualization into a document.

In this example I want to add a simple dossier bar chart into my document. The standard document graph isn't as visually appealing and isn't as interactive as a dossier. Think expandable legend, easy to implement tool tips etc. I created the bar chart in the dossier below using a sample data set.

Dossier Visualization

I added some formatting, a tool tip, and notice the collapse-able legend. Now I want to add this visualization into a document. First I need to make sure to save the dossier. Now I need to open a document and Import the dossier into the document as a layout.

Insert Layout option in a Document

Select the Dossier

Once you've selected the dossier, it's imported as a panel stack, and it looks just as slick in the document as it does in the dossier.

Document with a slick graph

This is great, but there are a couple of things to consider. The graph is imported as a panel stack so you'll either need to keep the panel stack or copy and paste it into another place in the document. In terms of formatting, keep in mind that the dossier visualization wasn't really meant for a document so you don't have the ability to format the graph easily. The best method is to edit the original dossier and re-import it.

Keep these things in mind when developing documents and balance this method against the potential technical debt if the document needs to be changed/updated.

Have fun!


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