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Add Dossier Visualizations to Documents - Method 2

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

My last post outlined one of the method to get dossier visualizations into documents. There is another method which can handle a different set of use cases. With this method I'll show how to embed a dossier visualization into a document without having to import the dossier as a layout.

For this example, I'll find an existing dossier that I want included in my document, right click it, select properties, and right click and copy the link to the dossier. My link looks like this;

http:// localhost/MicroStrategy/asp/Main.aspx?Server=VM_WIN8&Project=OmarsBISandbox&Port=0&evt=3140&src=Main.aspx.3140&documentID=ADA0FA9D4519D690FFC421888DF871AE

There are a few things we want to adjust in this url. The URL contains the sever name and project name. We'll want to remove that since we're going to embed this into a document and it would have already authenticated. Removing this also gives us the flexibility to migrate the document into a different environment without having to copy a new url after each migration.

In my url I also have the localhost defined (since it is my sand box environment). In your environment it will have your website which would cause problems if migrating from one environment to another. In this case we want to remove some of the base web address up to the /MicroStrategy . The new URL will look something like this


The last thing need to add to the url are the flags to hide headers/footers of the dossier. We'll add "&share=1&hiddensections=path,dockTop,dockLeft,footer" to the end of the URL.

The updated string will look something like this.


Okay, now that we have the URL I will need to embed it in a document. To add this to the document, I'll need to add an HTML container which will display the dossier.

Add HTML container

Once we have the html container in the document, add in the URL we modified.

Add the custom URL

Now that we have it setup, run the document and you'll have the Dossier rendering within the document.

Dossier rendering in the document

The good thing about the custom URL is that we can now freely migrate this document into different environments, and provided the dossier exists, it will render directly in the document.


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